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4th International Research Meeting in Business and Management

This one-day international scientific event is co-organized by the IPAG Business School, the CEDAG (University of Paris V-Descartes), the CERGAM (Aix-Marseille University), and the IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement).

Started in 2010 at the initiative of IPAG Business School, this 4th International Research Meeting in Business and Management  aims at bringing together social and management scientists interested in innovation, governance, entrepreneurship, finance, environmental and energy problems in the context of global warming, climate change, and economic challenges, which is that of the Mediterranean world.

This year, a Special Track is dedicated to "Energy and Sustainable Development" and “the Economics of Energy and Climate Change". Energy and climate experts have recently assessed that the relative “out-of-control” of CO2 emissions is causing serious environmental problems, which have harmful effects on natural resources (water, soil, land, forests) and economic activities (particularly on agriculture, energy sector, fishery, tourism attractiveness, exposure to the action of  waves, and coastal storms and other extreme weather events). Coupling with the country-specific and inconclusive relationships between energy consumption and economic growth, sound policy recommendations on these issues are particularly expected. This Special Track, composed of twenty high-quality research papers, will be organized in partnership with two well-established journals: Energy Studies Review and European Journal of Comparative Economics (CNRS journal ranking, cat. 3).



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Official Program of the Conference (in French)

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